Vintage Style Halloween Art Event 2017


Take the links below to purchase unique one of a kind vintage style handmade Halloween art, collectibles and jewelry direct from independent artist!

Mr.Bony’s Nurse Paper Mache Pumpkin Ride $160.00
A Paper Witch Black Cat Party Dress Ornament $10.25
Jynxx Designs Jolly Jack O Lanterns Bracelet $40.00
Creepy Cute Doll Works Pumpkin Goulie Ghostie $40.00
PunkinPrims Stubby Stu $16.99
Tarryfails Corner Woodland Jack Magical Bag $7.50
Plum Batty Beaded Pumpkin $20.00
Twilight Faerie Three Owls Decoupage Box $35.00
Sauvage Raven Creations Halloween Black Cabinet $20.00
Art By Sarada Owl and Cat Tea Party $8.00
Nancy Michalak Witches at the Cauldron $18.00
Harvest Moon Studio Vintage Halloween Silhouette Lamp $174.99

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Easter Hares & Springtime Scares 2017 Art Event


  Time for Easter Hares & Springtime Scares!

What happens when Halloween artist create Springtime art? An eclectic and unique mix of Easter art mashed up with Halloween. Participating Halloween Artist Bazaar Artists have created special edition pieces for the 2017 Easter Hares & Springtime Scares art event. Search for HAB Easter items here! Each item for sale in the Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Art Event is featured in order of appearance in the photo gallery with a link to where to buy the item.

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Featured Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Artist:
Tarryfails Corner
Jan’s Beads
The Felted Fey
Twilight Faerie
Potion Shoppe
Mr.Bonys Nurse
A Paper Witch
Art By Sarada

Haunted Forest Art Event 2016

Here you will find interpretations of the theme Haunted Forest from participating HAB members.

Haunted Forest Art presented by the following:

Jynxx Designs
Art By Sarada
Twilight Faerie

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Foxes-By Angelique Duncan

After the rise of Christianity and the abandonment of animal spirits and totems, many animals once held in high regard for their enchanted qualities were reduced to suspicion and even thought of as evil. The fox has been a victim of this fate. In literature and fables they often take the role of trickster or antagonist, depicted as treacherous and dishonest creatures. At times they are synonymous with deception, cunning and manipulation. However the fox wasn’t always painted in such a negative light.

Once upon a time foxes were held in great reverence. The fox has its place in mythologies ranging from ancient Greece to numerous legends from Asian and the Orient. They are prominent in the folklores of Nordic, Gaelic, Celtic and European cultures. The Native Americans and Eskimos acknowledge foxes for their magical qualities in their story telling. Pre Christianity, they were considered Gods of the Forest, symbols of prosperous agriculture, protectors and punishers of wrongs and loyal companions held with respect.

Foxes in ancient tales were often helpers who used their high aptitudes to guide humans or assist other animals. They were associated with intelligence, adaptability and rationing skills. Often depicted as finding a clever way to assist in a dilemma or out smart an adversary. The term to be “sly like a fox” comes from these observations of fox behaviors.

It was thought that a fox could out wit opponents by anticipating and planning for their next moves well in advance. Foxes have been said to be one of the most strategic of animals in their ability to evade predators and hunters. Foxes will seek shelter when they smell or sense danger long before of a predators approach. Foxes will use their tales to cover and disperse their own tracks and will leap in zig -zags touching their paws to low and high places to throw off their scent. Foxes have been attributed with psychic powers for their ability to foresee inclement weather by baying and whimpering before signs of rains or snowstorms.

The term vixen is used for a female fox, and in modern times has become equated with women of trickery. It was believed Foxes were shape-shifters. Often taking the form of a beautiful woman. To be “foxy” comes from the Celtic folklores of sleek attractive women, often referring to red heads of high intelligence, who would change into foxes. In many of these romantic legends as well as friendship tales, the fox is loyal and often will either save or change their companions life to the better as a way of showing gratitude for a debt or righting a wrong.

Due to the belief Foxes were shape shifters with high intelligence and psychic ability it was thought that they were companions to witches; or perhaps themselves witches. Foxes have historically and in almost every culture been attributed to have magic powers. A Finnish belief is that an enchanted fox is responsible for the aurora borealis or foxfire. The legend is told that a magical artic fox runs each night so fast in the snow that as his tale swishes back and forth it creates sparks that are captured with snow crystals that fly up into the night sky creating the Northern Lights. Another legend says that the lights are caused by a fox who leaps and runs over the mountains tossing snowflakes into the air changing them to the lights in the sky.

Who knows if the foxes are actually Gods watching the forest, shape shifting witches or magical creatures? Only they truly know. Should you make the acquaintance of a fox, be kind and respectful for they may become your next loyal companion or they may even save your life. However, do not cross them it is likely you will not out wit a fox.

Illustration “Twilight in Fox Hollow” provided by and Copyright Art By Sarada. To see more of V.Sarada Holts art and where to buy, visit her artist page Art By Sarada.

Angelique Duncan is proprietor of Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects. Check out her artist page to find links to her shops and vintage inspired traditional holiday art. Visit again next month for more traditions and folklore.

Valentines 2016


  Happy Valentines Day 2016!

Looking for unique Valentines and dark art? Search HAB Valentine on Etsy, visit HAB artist websites and find handmade Halloween, holiday art and curiosities year round through the HAB shopping catalog!

Winter Holiday Give Away 2015

The Winter Holiday Give Away has concluded! A winner has been chosen!

Thank you to all here entered and left us Winter greetings!

To all our friends and followers warmest regards for a bright and happy Winter season!

How To Enter:

Step 1: Visit one of the contributing HAB artist from the list below. If the artist your spreading holiday cheer to is an Etsy store contact them using the “contact the owner” tab on the left sidebar of their shop. If they are on the HAB catalog use our contact form. Leave them a message spreading holiday cheer in what ever sentiment or phrase that means to you.
Step 2: Visit our Facebook page and “Like” us and comment your Winter Greeting on our wall.
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Official Rules

Entry deadline is Midnight on December 17th 2015 Central Standard Time. The Winner will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Winner will be notified via email. The prize will ship on December 18th 2015. The winners name will be posted on the Halloween Artist Bazaar website and Facebook page. Information obtained will only be used to contact winner in regards to contest. HAB does not release or sell information from our entry forms or contact page. All ages welcome to enter. Members of Halloween Artist Bazaar are not qualified for entry. Contest open internationally, however please note that prize may not arrive before December 25th due to international shipping delays. *Your countries custom charges may apply.

Contributing Halloween Artist Bazaar Artists in order of photo appearance:(check back as the list grows and photo’s of the winnings are posted!)
Twilight Faerie
Jan’s Beads
Crazed Poppet Creations
Sauvage Raven Creations
Art By Sarada

Featured Artist Interview September 2015: Art By Sarada

To find where Art By Sarada sells her wares visit her artist page on HAB. 

Interview with V. Sarada Holt or Art By Sarada:

At what age did you discover your love of Halloween?

I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t my favorite holiday – having a birthday about a week after Halloween, they always kind of went together as festive, fun time of year. I conspired with my grandmother every year to figure out what my costume would be. I remember the first costume that was my own conscious choice, when I was around four, was a witch. I also made sure to get both princess and fairy princess in at an early age as well. After that, you could say that it was fandom based! I was born in 1973, so childhood was the 70s and early 80s, and there was some Princess Leia in there, a cat from the musical “Cats,” and even a character from the anime show “Star Blazers” – which no one else recognized, I’m sure. While it was all about costumes and candy during those years, I think I was born to love horror movies as well. My parents had been big fans of Hammer Horror and other 1960s and early 70s horror movies – I grew up watching them on TV on Saturday afternoons during the “Creature Double Feature” on a local TV channel. The fact that there was a time of year – around my birthday, no less! – devoted to these kinds of pursuits, AND dressing up, was more than I could handle.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

It’s hard to say, as the actual day of Halloween itself has always revolved around just being home, trick or treating, or greeting trick or treaters. In recent years I have a new tradition that I love to indulge in, which is watching weird old horror films with my husband until we can’t stay up any longer. We joked about it for weeks, with me promising him that we’d stay up “’til 6 a.m.!” watching our favorites. Typically this includes a vampire film by the French director Jean Rollin, a favorite Hammer or Vincent Price movie, and maybe a gothic Italian film from the early 60s. I don’t think I’ve made it until 6 a.m. yet but I manage to get about five movies in most years. Last year we went to the Museum of Funeral History here in Houston on Halloween as well, which was a nice touch. Every year Halloween gets better than the one before, even though we mostly just stay around the house, it is always special.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

On the actual day of Halloween, it’s not too much different from any other, around here. I’ve never had kids, so I don’t get to experience trick or treating from that side, but I love to drive around neighborhoods to see how everything is decorated, and hand out candy at home or at a friend’s house. Then we have our movie marathon, as I noted above. My year-round wardrobe tends to include plenty of Halloween themed fabrics that I’ve used to make things for myself, when it’s not just all-black clothing to begin with, but I always go the extra mile on Halloween. It’s funny, because I don’t do much in the way of decorating or going all-out with festivities, because I feel like I live in a Halloween mindset all year round. We usually spend the entire fall watching favorite horror movies, aside from the big night itself, and I read lots of Victorian ghost stories in the weeks leading up to it. I just like to revel in that time of year, and the fact that for about three months you can go into stores and they will be full of bats, cats, spiders, moons and witch hats.

When did you start creating in your medium and what training have you had?

I started painting in 1986, after spending my entire childhood drawing fantasy creatures and images. I was inspired largely by my love of Dungeons and Dragons, at that point, and fantasy in general. I started to paint with acrylics, focusing on dragons, fairies and the like. I used acrylic paint, and was entirely self-taught, though of course I had a couple of elective Art classes in high school. I took a couple of classes in college as well but did not enjoy taking art as a subject. I liked taking art HISTORY, but as for hands-on creative work, I was more interested in just finding my own way. I experimented with oils as well and have used them more in recent years. I’m very much in favor of people seeking instruction and training in their chosen art form, but I enjoyed finding my own way, experimenting based on what I saw in other peoples’ work, since I was doing it mostly for my own amusement, and not as a professional pursuit.

On a side note, one of the main inspirations for me to start painting was a woman I met at a mall art show near my childhood home in central New Jersey, I think around the summer of 1986. Amidst all of the landscape and other decorative paintings on display was a booth where a woman was painting a purple dragon on a misty mountaintop. Her paintings were all on similar themes – fairies, dragons, angels, magical women. Her name was Ann-Marie, and we corresponded for some time after that, as she encouraged my interests. I took the same kind of themes as my favorite subject matter in my teens and was very influenced by her self-taught style and approach. I bought a number of her prints over the years as well and I still admire the detail and unique, original style she developed. Seeing someone paint up close and in person like that, and being able to see all of those paintings that were so close to my heart in their themes and inspiration, really gave me a huge creative push that has never gone away.

What was the inspiration to create what you create and when did you know you wanted to create Halloween?

After college, my painting pursuits trailed off a little as I felt my subject matter wasn’t going to be taken seriously by anyone. But I put a few little paintings on eBay when I started selling odds and ends from around the house, on that site around 1999, and the reception was pretty warm. I had started to collect antique Halloween postcards from the early 1900s around then and was captivated by the imaginative imagery. It occurred to me that I could make new versions of these kinds of images, and that proved to be fodder for art for years to come. I’ve continued to explore other themes that I love, including fantasy, surrealism, nature, gothic and ghost imagery and other subjects, but I always come back around to Halloween. I like to do things that are cute, but not cutesy. I love a colorful, bold palette with classic, antique imagery.

Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Art Event 2015


  Time for Easter Hares & Springtime Scares!

What happens when Halloween artist create Springtime art? An eclectic and unique mix of Easter art mashed up with Halloween. Participating Halloween Artist Bazaar Artists have created special edition pieces for the 2015 Easter Hares & Springtime Scares art event. Take the links to see where to buy Springtime Scares art. Want to win a one of a kind basket filled with Springtime Scares? Enter here!

HAB Halloween art on Etsy, visit HAB artist websites and find handmade Halloween, holiday art and curiosities year round through the HAB shopping catalog!

Valentines 2015


  Happy Valentines Day 2015!

Looking for unique Valentines and dark art? Search HAB Valentine on Etsy, visit HAB artist websites and find handmade Halloween, holiday art and curiosities year round through the HAB shopping catalog!