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A Paper Witch
A Ryer Studio
Chad Savage
Creepy Cute Doll Works
Amethyst Raven
Jynxx Designs
A Twisted Pumpkin
Twilight Faerie
Chaos In Color
Tarryfails Corner
Jan’s Beads
Sauvage Raven Creations
The Felted Fey
Art By Sarada

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Featured Artist Interview June 2016: Ghostgap

To find where Julia of Ghostgap sells her wares visit her on her artist page on HAB. 

Interview with Julia Chabatar of Gostgap:

At what age did you discover your love of Halloween?

I have loved Halloween my whole life.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

I guess my childhood days would be my best Halloweens. Back in the seventies most the kids wore paper masks, but my Mom would make us elaborate costumes from old gowns and dresses she wore to wedding parties or other special events. She would ask us in September what do you want to be this year?

We would go to Linville orchards in the fall. They had hayrides, and candied apples and we would get the red kind not the caramel. In the shop she would buy some dried flowers in autumn colors to make lovely bouquets for the table. She would decorate the whole house for Halloween inside and out.

On Halloween night my sister and me would go out trick or treating and my Mom would say “I just saw a witch flying on her broom into the wood behind our house”. She made you believe it the way she said it and I would get excited. After trick or treating we would come in to a beautifully decorated table. She would buy Hallmark printed cups plates and tablecloth and add her own creations. She always had orange soda to look like Halloween; Back then purple was not a Halloween color. She always had her homemade Devil’s food cake with buttercream frosting and decorated it with some sort of Halloween theme using food dyes and her Wilton pastry bag.

We lived on a little dead end street with all seniors and woods behind and my Mom would complain no kids ever come trick or treating With us being the only ones with lights on and decorations the kids avoided our tiny dead end street. So one year we heard the doorbell ring and it was my Dad all dressed in black with a paper bag on his head and a trick or treat bag laughing. I remember Mom talking about witches and ghosts and making up stories to entertain us.

This year will be the first year I will not Have my Mom to celebrate with. She passed this year; but I think on Halloween night I will look up at the sky and imagine I see that witch on the broom and remember my mom who always made the day so much fun.

When did you start creating in your medium and what training have you had?

I been crafting my whole life and we really go through a long dry season without any fun holidays I never got excited about the Fourth of July, so I find myself thinking about Halloween all year and by crafting and creating Halloween things year round It keeps my magical time of the year alive year round.

Valentines 2016


  Happy Valentines Day 2016!

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Valentines 2015


  Happy Valentines Day 2015!

Looking for unique Valentines and dark art? Search HAB Valentine on Etsy, visit HAB artist websites and find handmade Halloween, holiday art and curiosities year round through the HAB shopping catalog!

Trick or Treat Give Away 2014

Trick Or Treat!

The 2014 Trick or Treat Give Away has concluded! The winner will be contacted via email. Thank you to all the folks who Trick or Treated! Visit Halloween Artist Bazaar to find more holiday events and give aways through out the year. We appreciate your interest in Halloween Artist Bazaar and for keeping the spirit of Halloween alive!

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Contributing Halloween Artist Bazaar Artists:(check back as the list grows and photo’s of the winnings are posted!)
Twilight Faerie
Art By Sarada
Ghost Gap
Jan’s Beads
Jynxx Designs
Odd Origins
Tocsin Deigns
Wicked Alterations
Sauvage Raven Creations
Lttle Shop of Horrors

Christmas in July, Halloween in June

Christmas in July, Halloween in June
-By Angelique Duncan

Most folks have heard the expression “Christmas in July”. It usually is used to express a great and unexpected surprise. There seems to be differing opinions and documentation of when the slogan was actually was first actually used. Some historians trace the term back to the 1930’s and 1940’s to different Christian church entities and clubs in regards to annual events involving decorated trees, gift giving and all the trappings of the winter holiday in the hot summer month of July. First official use of the term “Christmas In July” was from an American movie of that title that was released in 1940. However the concept has much deeper and practical origins.

The notion finds its roots in the Victorian era of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Victorians, despite being quite extravagant in their winter celebrations with in decorations and gifts were also frugal and inventive people. The practice of purchased gifts at the Christmas holiday did not surface until much later in modern history. The Victorians would primarily give hand made gifts. The common practice was for each family member to make a gift for each other member of the family. For this to be pulled off in time for winter, a lot of planning and preparation was required.

Most gifts were made from what one could find in nature or in ones home. The making of gifts and holiday decorations for the home became part of the summer ritual. During the summer months, materials from nature were readily available. Starting the craft projects early in July gave a window of roughly 6 months to complete the projects of sewing, collecting and drying flowers, canning and preserving special foods from the garden, using oils to sent sachets and pomanders and to build collages or paint objects.

The Victorian practice of hand crafting ones Christmas gifts carried over into the 1930’s during the Great Depression when resources were scarce. In lieu of purchasing items, holiday gifts were from what one could make from what they had on hand. Later in 1944 during World War II, the United States Postal Service and greeting card industry promoted a postal campaign to collect letters and cards in early July for soldiers overseas to help ensure that they would be received for the holidays.

In the 1950’s with rise in incomes and commercialism advertisers for department stores caught on to the phrase to help boost retail sales during the leaner profit months of summer. The idea gained momentum for bargain hunters, who would begin their holiday shopping early in the year. This also allowed for retailers to push out old inventory to make room for the next year’s products.

In the years of the 1950’s through the 1970’s retail marketing of the Christmas holiday season began the day after Thanksgiving, on what is now known as Black Friday. Stores would set Christmas displays and begin their holiday sales for what is considered season of the greatest profits for retailers though out the months of November and December.

In an effort to extend the shopping season and sell more Christmas merchandise retailers began to push the start of the holiday season earlier and earlier each year. The market for winter décor exploded. By the late 1980’s retailers would begin to play holiday music and stock Christmas items the day after Halloween. By the 1990’s and into the new millennium retailers began putting out their holiday merchandise as early as June and July and have capitalized on the “Christmas In July” slogan in hopes to capture revenue from folks doing their holiday gift and decorating shopping early.

The phenomenon of capitalizing and commercializing holidays carried over to Halloween. With the rise in popularity of Halloween in past decades, retailers have taken notice. Sales of Halloween themed items for home decorating, parties, yard decorations and costumes now follows a close second to Christmas related sales and is gaining.

During the early 1990s and 2000’s Halloween entered a surge in popularity in American culture. However availability of quality unique Halloween decorations was limited in the big retail market. Most decorations and costumes prior to the late 1980- 90’s were home made. As the desire for Halloween décor that was on par with Christmas decorating grew, so did the market for Halloween art. Small independent artist and individuals who built yard – haunting décor had found their niche. With the advent of the Internet and the growth of an online upstart auction site known as eBay, demand for handmade Halloween soared. An entire market of Halloween collectors was born. One of a kind direct from the artist creations was highly sought after.

As this national love of all things Halloween grew, national retailers took notice and followed suit. The large retail chains began to offer Halloween collectibles, home decor and elaborate yard art that hit their shelves by late August and September. Big retailers honed in on what was offered by the independent online sellers and created an entire industry of Halloween retail revenue.

Sales of Halloween themed collectibles for home decorating, parties, yard decorations and costumes now follows a close second to Christmas related sales and is gaining. With this popularity of Halloween, retailers now set out mass-produced Halloween items as early as July, often along side the Christmas wares. This has drastically hurt the profits of small independent Halloween artist and yard haunters who once enjoyed a reliable fall retail season for Halloween sales.

From this history a campaign of Halloween in June was born. Independent artist Julia Chibatar proprietor of Ghostgap had the idea in 2013 to create a month dedicated to Halloween outside of it’s traditional month of October as an answer to the commercial concept of Christmas in July. Halloween in June is a month long celebration of all things Halloween with particular emphasis on independent Halloween Artist and their handmade wares. The celebration is a combined effort of Halloween groups comprised of independent artist to raise awareness of the small retail businesses and artist who gave origin to the Halloween retail phenomenon. It is an opportunity to showcase one of a kind handcrafted works available for purchase direct from the artist before the onslaught of big retail Halloween hits the shelves.

Halloween in June is presented by Spooky Cute Etsy Team
Halloween Artist Bazaar Artist Group
And Halloween 24/7 Etsy Team.

Angelique Duncan is proprietor of Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects. Check out her artist page to find links to her shops and vintage inspired traditional holiday art. Visit again next month for more traditions and folklore.