Artist Interview November 2017: PunkinPrims

To find where Barb sells her wares visit her on her artist page on HAB. 

Interview with Barb Rondello-Butcher of PunkinPrims:

Which pieces of your artwork are you most proud of, currently for sale or sold? Share an image of it if you have one.

I am most proud of the pieces that got into Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine. It was a dream of mine to get in one of the Stampington magazines. (see photos)

Name an artist(s) whose work you admire and what influence have they had on your art?

Well my most favorite artist really has nothing in common with my art, but Norman Rockwell was amazing. I have studied (which means poured over and looked at all details) of his amazing paintings. Not only is every little detail perfect but are they are amusing and capture our human condition.

What would you consider the highest honor or greatest goal you would like to achieve with your art?

It is an honor that people love my folks. That they come back for more and have “collections” of them!!

What Halloween costume that you got to wear in childhood was your favorite and has the fondest memory for you?

My parents had his and her costumes of prisoners. They were black and white striped with a matching hat. I remember watching them leave to go to a party with them on when I was a little girl. When I got big enough to fit into one I wore it and loved it!!

What is your favorite Halloween icon? Why do you identify with its imagery?

I love all of Halloween icons. I am not into scary/gorey tho. I like whimsical happy Halloween.

If money and wherewithal were not an issue, what would be your dream way to spend Halloween?

If I had the money I would totally transform my house each year. I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas now, but I would totally transform the house inside and out!

Give the Gift of A Kitchen Witch

Give the Gift of A Kitchen Witch
-By Angelique Duncan

This Thanksgiving as you plan the traditional meal you may want to include a Kitchen With to over see the preparations. A Kitchen Witch is a small poppet or doll that brings good luck to the kitchen. She makes sure pots don’t boil over, cookies don’t burn and gravies don’t lump.

The Kitchen Witch is a talisman who originates from Scandinavia and carried over to Europe and then to the United States. Usually taking on the appearance of the traditional Halloween witch, often with a large nose, hunched back and gnarled fingers wearing a simple dress made from cotton, a scarf on her head and sometimes a cloak.. She is usually small only a few inches, at largest about six inches. She rides a broom or sometimes a whisk, wooden spoon or spatula. More modern interpretations depict the Kitchen Witch as elderly, jovial and sweet faced and sometimes she has a youthful more traditionally attractive or sexy appearance.

She is often suspended from a string in a corner of the kitchen facing the room. On occasion the doll might sit on a shelf or windowsill. Tradition states that the most effective place for a Kitchen Witch is to fly is above the stove to so her magical protection is concentrated over the cooking area. She should face the entrance to the kitchen, to ward off any evil or ill intent from visitors to the home whose bad vibes might sabotage a meal.

Sometimes the doll is scented with essential oils or is stuffed with herbs that offer protection and aid in good cooking and help in domestic tranquility. Often a small note is attached to her dress or broom giving her mythology explaining the tradition or a handwritten spell to ensure her magical powers.

Pre Christianity, Kitchen Witches were prevalent in Scandinavian and German homes, given as gifts and passed down from generation to generation. It is recorded that the Kitchen Witch was once a common inventory of the kitchen and was quite common during in the late 1400’s in the United Kingdom. The tradition carried over to the North America. However the tradition faded as Puritan Christianity frowned upon the old folkways and anything associated with Pagan religion or witchcraft during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The tradition quietly re emerged in the United States in the 1950’s and became popular again in the 1960’s and 70’s as a movement of freethinking was on the rise. Many began to research and practice the old Pagan religions and handmade folk-art was extremely popular during the era. Kitchen Witches were once again given as gifts to young newly weds and as housewarming gifts. They lost popularity again during the staunch religious political era of the 1980’s and early 90’s as all things Pagan were rejected. However Kitchen Witches have made a come back in the modern area partly from a more open and accepting environment to alternative beliefs, a longing for simpler times and the old ways in a world of technology, and a huge resurgence of handmade crafts and the popularity of folk-art.

There are companies that produce Kitchen Witches in popular styles as novelties, however to truly be an authentic Kitchen Witch, it is best to purchase a one that is handmade from an individual seller. This ensures the witch is crafted in the old way of care and concern for the craft. Also she will be unique in her character and her magic will be personal to the home where she will reside.

Consider introducing a Kitchen Witch into your home this fall before cooking your Thanksgiving feast, or giving one as a hostess gift to your friends or family. According to the tradition, not only will the Kitchen Witch bring good fortune to the home she presides over, the giver of the Kitchen Witch will receive good luck as well.

Angelique Duncan is proprietor of Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects. Check out her artist page to find links to her shops and vintage inspired traditional holiday art. Visit again next month for more traditions and folklore.

Halloween In June 2015

Longing for crisp Autumn evenings, warm cider and candy corns? Do Jack o lanterns and witches dance through your dreams? Can’t wait to put on your costume and celebrate Halloween? We have the remedy you need!

Spooky Cute Team and Halloween Artist Bazaar bring you Halloween In June 2015!

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Dark Hollow Art Event 2014

HAB Presents

Deep in the thick of the forest are haunted places, dusty forgotten cemeteries, abandoned mills, spooky coal mines and shaded ravines where monsters, goblins and spirits dwell. These places are the Dark Hollows. Halloween Artist Bazaar is bringing them to life through one of a kind handmade Halloween art.

Through the end of October special edition pieces will be added to the collection of Dark Hollow art with links where to purchase! Visit us frequently to see what has been added.

Through the end of October special edition pieces will be added to the collection of Dark Hollow art with links where to purchase! Visit us frequently to see what has been added.

Halloween In June

Halloween Artist Bazaar has joined up with Spooky Cute and Halloween 24/7 Etsy Teams to bring Halloween to June!

A special treat for those of us who feel Halloween just can’t get here soon enough. To celebrate our love of all things Halloween our Teams have united for Halloween in June! Find one of a kind handcrafted collectibles, original dark and whimsical Halloween themed art and spooky goth accessories direct from the artist. No need to wait for the big box stores to put out this years mass produced Halloween finds. We carry unique and sincere Halloween creations all year!

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‘Halloween HAB’ by TwilightFaerie

Halloween; pop corn balls, caramel apples, bags of well earned candy, being out late on a school night, witches night when ghost and goblins abound, black cats and skeleton bones, haunted houses and jack o lantern smiles!

Halloween October 31 Greetin…


Two Large Hanging Handmade B…


Devil Skull Earrings


Haunted House miniature On R…


Halloween Witch Charm Bracel…


aLtErEd ArT CaRniVaLe SkeLLy…


Owl and Cat Halloween Tea Pa…


Halloween Pumpkin Boy Figuri…


Something Wicked Halloween G…


Original Whimsical Acrylic P…


Alternative / Folk – Skull T…


Scaredy Cat , Vintage Hallow…


Crying Ghost Jack Halloween/…


Spiffy Cat Noisemaker Rattle


4 Witches Marching Papercut…


BATS & SPIDERS Marble Tile w…


Trick or Treat Give-Away

The Halloween Artist Bazaar Trick or Treat Give-Away has concluded.

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Visit us again as we will be hosting more group contest and give-aways in the coming months. Have a Happy Halloween and many great Trick or Treating adventures!

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