December 2017 Artist Interview: Intricate Knot

Copyright © Intricate Knot

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Interview with Intricate Knot of Tarryfails Corner:

Which pieces of your artwork are you most proud of, currently for sale or sold? Share an image of it if you have one.

I’m most proud of my set of Three Black Kitties: Eenie, Meenie, and Mynie. Beware. These guys may look cute and harmless with their lollipops and Trick-or-Treat buckets, but I have it on very good authority that Mynie and Meenie are evil masterminds. And Eenie? Eenie is a super evil mastermind, playing his brothers with a gusto generally not seen outside Fish & Chips Night at Mac’s Evil Kitty’s Eatery.

Name an artist(s) whose work you admire and what influence have they had on your art?

Edward Gorey. When I was a kid I went to the library after school and poured through every Edward Gorey book I could find. Seeing his work made me realize that I wasn’t the only weirdo in the world. There are lots of us. We’re all one big weirdo family!

What would you consider the highest honor or greatest goal you would like to achieve with your art?

I would love to make a good living with my art and writing. One day, (I hope!) that will be the ultimate achievement for me.

What Halloween costume that you got to wear in childhood was your favorite and has the fondest memory for you?

It wasn’t until I was older that I really got to let loose on Halloween. My fav costume was one I put together for my son when he was little. He loved The Terminator (original film). I had a really cool black leather jacket and then made up his face with make-up skin putty, fake blood, and aluminum foil. It came out really good! And my son had a blast.

What is your favorite Halloween icon? Why do you identify with its imagery?

Candy. Hah! Just kdding (not really). Hard to choose one. I love it all: Ghosts, Jack O’ Lanterns, witches, vampires, devils, and scarecrows. I supposed if I had to choose, it would be the witch. Love them so much I became one. Witches are mysterious, powerful female icons. We’ve been subjugated, ridiculed, imprisoned, and burned at the stake. Yet, the witch still stands. And still thoroughly enjoys all the wonders of Halloween.

If money and wherewithal were not an issue, what would be your dream way to spend Halloween?
All sorts of cool events take place worldwide: Haunted walks and underground tours, witches balls, ghostly hotels, cemeteries, and fun sites! If I had the money every Halloween I’d visit a new adventure and take a few of my fellow haunted friends with me.

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The History of Hares

The History of Hares-By Angelique Duncan

Most folks are familiar with the magical bunny who delvers eggs on Easter morning. However, rabbits and hares have long history with enchantment and mystic symbolism outside of the annual spring holiday.

Depending on the culture the hare represented life itself and was the ambassador of sorts to Mother Earth. It was believed that hares were the companion of the White Goddess or the Earth Mother and thus held in high regard among the animals. The hare has been used symbolically to represent the cycles of the seasons, the moon cycles, rebirth and redemption as well as serving as a symbol of existence. In multiple cultures they represent love, fertility, abundance, growth and good fortune.

There are many connections between the hare as the chosen companion to different Goddesses. It was believed by the Celts that the Goddess Eostre animal spirit was a white hare and that on a full moon she would transform into a hare herself. The Norse Goddess of love and sensuality Freyia, traveled in a chariot drawn by cats and rode with a boar and a hare. The tradition of releasing a hare before battle comes from Boudicca, queen of the British Celtic Iceni who is recorded as doing so for good luck and to determine the battle plan by the hares’ movements. In ancient Germanic paganism the Earth and Sky Goddess Holda, leader of the Wild Hunt and creator of weather phenomenon; is said to have been followed by a procession of torch bearing hares.

It was thought to eat a rabbit would be to devour a Goddess. The female association with hares went further that many believed that wise women of their villages would shape shift into hares under moonlight. Some thought that when elder wise women passed away that their souls became hares that would represent and communicate with Mother Earth relaying messages to humans. Therefore consuming the meat of a sacred hare was the equivalent to eating someone that one might have known or perhaps ones own mother or grandmother.

The Celts and Teutonic peoples believed that rabbits and hares would keep borrows underground because they had the ability to commune with the Earth. Some beliefs stated that hares could communicate with dead and carry messages back and forth from both the human world to the dead world of the spirits and also to the magic faerie realm under the ground. It was thought that rabbits were impervious to evil and offered protection. They were often kept as a pet for that reason. From this mythology came the practice of *carrying a rabbit’s foot or part of a departed rabbits pelt to ward off evil spirits. To carry a rabbits foot would prevent kidnapping by faeries and prevent one from taken underground to the spirit world.

Hares were used in woodcuttings and religious art by the Christian church to persuade Pagans and followers of Goddess religions with familiarity of symbols. However the hare was seen as too virile and aggressive an animal by European Christians and was eventually phased into the less aggressive, meeker rabbit. Some historians believe this was a very intentional measure of symbolism in art to psychologically undermine the once powerful and magical creature to Pagans. The Rabbit became the symbol of springtime celebrations and associated with renewal given to the world by Christ. The White hare once companion with Ostara and the Goddess Eoster was replaced in imagery of the Madonna holding a white virginal bunny. It was believed that bunnies could become pregnant without conception from a male and hence became associated with the Virgin Mary.

As Pagan religions declined and Christianity spread rabbits and hares became associated with negative connotations and superstition. Like cats and foxes they were believed to be witches familiars. The belief that women could shape shift into hares under moonlight shifted to a myth that rabbits and hares were actually witches. The behaviors of hares helped to feed this notion. Hares can scream when in distress that sounds like a human wail. They also have the ability to stand on their hind legs for extended periods. Although they are mostly solidary and nocturnal; they will gather in a drove during daylight in the spring and dance and box upon their hind legs. This behavior was thought to be witches convening for an equinox meeting. The animal once associated with luck was feared as a bad omen if it crossed ones path. Fears of rabbits and hares were further fueled in North America for their heavy use in Hoo-Doo rituals and African American folk beliefs.

As spring approaches and fluffy bunnies and rabbits emerge take note their heritage that they were once the companions of Goddesses and messengers of the faeries and Mother Earth and quite possibly someone’s departed wise grandmother. Remember that the rabbits and bunnies represent the majestic and magical hare and bring you spring tidings and maybe a little good luck.

*In modern times with awareness of animal rights and protections of species please refrain from carrying the foot severed from an actual rabbit. Faux rabbits feet are available and carrying a talisman with the representation of a rabbit can also serve to bring you good fortune.

Illustration “White Rabbit-Spring Ostara Miniature Art – Pocket Charm” Copyright Intricate Knot. To more of Intricate Knots art and where to buy visit her artist page Art For A Gloomy Day.

Illustration “Jumping to Spring” Copyright Michelle Angelique Duncan. To see more of Twilight Faerie’s art and where to buy visit her artist page Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects.

Angelique Duncan is proprietor of Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects. Check out her artist page to find links to her shops and vintage inspired traditional holiday art. Visit again next month for more traditions and folklore.

Valentines 2016


  Happy Valentines Day 2016!

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Yuletide Un-Merriment

Yuletide Un-Merriment

By Intricate Knot

“Yule is Quite Yuling…
It’s the Most Magickal Time of the Year!
When good goats go jingle belling,
Sam Sammy goes a caroling,
Most everyone is Mel-mellowing to cheer a fine bee…

It’s the Most Magickal Time of the Year!
All hearts are gold-golden,
Parties are toast-toasting,
Ghost stories tell-telling,
It’s the Most Magickal Time of the Year!”
~Intricate Knot

His thin lips and large muddy green ears curled in displeasure at the sounds he heard. This isn’t the way things were supposed to be going.

“What happened?” Diavex shouted. His voice, irritatingly and unexpectedly high-pitched for so large a beast, reverberated throughout the cave.
Besides himself, the only one within hearing distance is Crimson the Winter Wizard. Not a welcomed guest by the stretch of anyone’s imagination (even this Storyteller’s)! He sat on a hard, ugly, dull grey bench. So entirely ugly and dull that next to it concrete looks like the finest polished silver. Remarkably the discomfort of the bench is far outweighed by the fact that it’s located in a distressingly uncomfortable fire cage[*].

Diavex turned to Crimson,


“And how would I know?” Crimson rasped weakly. Though he exaggerated his condition, the truth is, Winter Wizards do not care for fire cages. Winter Wizards do not care for fire period.

“What if I tell you something first?”

“Why would you do that?”
His captor smiled. What a conniving, dark-hearted smile!

“It suits me, of course.”
Crimson looked up at Diavex,

“In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m stuck in this place of despair with only you as a companion. I have no idea what is going on, nor do I even know what you’re referring to.” When Diavex opened his ill-favored mouth to speak, Crimson held up a hand, “And even if I had an inkling, you know very well that I would tell you nothing. Let’s at least have honesty.”
He shrugged then his lips curled into a disgusting smirk,

“Would you like to know how I created this fire cage?”

“I’ll take a wild guess: You used fire.”

“Yes, of course. But in this case, I used very special fire. You’ve heard of the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle[†]?”

Crimson’s winter heart sank though he refused to let on,


“Excellent. Then you’ll be delighted to know that I created this particular fire cage by yanking out the white flame from your precious candle.”
Are you serious? Diavex stole the white flame[‡]! No wonder he had sway over Crimson’s personage!

“‘Delighted’ isn’t the word coming to mind.”

“Don’t be silly. Of course I know this is devastating news to you. I simply cannot wait to share these joyous tidings with your friends. Won’t they be surprised?”

Being a Wizard has advantages that arrogant lunk-headed power-mongers like Diavex wouldn’t know anything about. Creatures of the lunk-headed variety don’t seem to realize that the pitfall of believing that you already know everything is exactly what prevents you from ever learning anything. Everyone knows that Wizards can tune in to whoever they wish and see clearly whatever that person (or persons) is doing. But did you know that Wizards can also send thoughts and pictures to whomever they so choose? Just keep that in mind if you ever think about kidnapping one.

Crimson sat in his painful prison and smiled imperceptibly. This was his moment. Diavex had handed him the information he wanted to send. Of course Crimson knew what was going on in The Forest and silently (very silently, if there is such a thing!) he cheered his favored Magickal student Fiddler and his best pal Wilbur.

The Wizard’s silence gave Diavex his version of the heebie jeebies. Of course, he didn’t like this one bit. In a strangely graceful motion he stepped closer to the Wizard, whispering,






He leapt at the fire cage shrieking,

“Tell me!”

Shattering glass is music compared to Diavex’s shriek, which can curdle cream, start earthquakes, and crack the skull of the un-Magickal sort. Fortunately Crimson is of the Magickal sort; however, that doesn’t mean he’s immune. Without ceremony, he promptly passed out.


Mid-kitty leap, Fiddler cried out in pain and crumpled to the ground. In agony, both Wilbur and Vin Kaj dropped to their knees next to their friend. The unspeakably hideous noise passed quickly. Thank goodness!

Wilbur and Fiddler glanced at one another. They both knew something else. Just before Diavex’s shriek had reached their ears, they had received a distinct image from Crimson.

“Seems that Diavex may have discovered what we’re up to,” Wilbur puffed.

“You think?” Vin asked.

Fiddler smiled, though his ears still rung painfully,

“Guess we better hurry.”

“Look, it will be faster if you two climb on my back again,” and Vin, Autumn Pumpkin Wizard Extraordinaire, offered his viney hands to our heroes: the sleek, jet coated kitty Fiddler and the coal feathered, owly-raven Wilbur. The two friends exchanged a glance. Their last ride on Vin’s back had nearly ended in them becoming a Great Oak pancake! But the Autumn Wizard was quite right, due to his great size and the length of the viney legs that stretched out from his pumpkin body, he is simply faster.

Onboard they climbed and off they went. They arrived even quicker than anticipated! Hooray for long, viney legs!

They dropped down from Vin’s shoulders and made the buzziest-beeline for Yuletime Square. Yuletime Square is a large, but somehow cozy cobblestone courtyard where inhabitants of the Forest gather during various celebrations, particularly wintery ones. On snowy days a huge bonfire is set on one side of the courtyard, opposite a circle of particularly tall pines called The Proud Pines, and in the middle is where the tallest of these the most Fantastical, Mystical, Magickal Old Pine stands. Normally at this time of the year the cobblestoned Yuletime Square is bustling with scads of holiday decked out celebrants. Sadly, because of the unseasonably hot weather only a few woodland creatures meandered about the square, fanning themselves with large leaf fans or drinking from giant glasses of sweet iced tea. This doesn’t exactly put you in the most holidayish moods!

How would they get everyone to gather here? They need everyone, quite literally everyone in The Forest to participate to even have a chance of saving Yule. Our heroes stood in the very center of the square (and yes, squares do have centers) and made a Magickal Call[§].

The first to arrive is their good buddy Fizzy Frazelli, the Italian foxy-fox and her newly named best friend the beautiful (and frightful) Glassy Croon. In the blink of an eye (a very slow blinking eye) all the woodland creatures, faeries, and every member of the Great Holiday Making Tribe assembled. In the center of the amazing circle of towering Proud Pines, Fiddler addressed the group,

“Good friends, we have urgent news. Our Yuletide holiday plan needs to be grander, louder, merrier, and brighter than ever before. We cannot wait for the weather to change. Crimson is in trouble.”

“And so are we, dear creatures,” Wilbur added.
Vin Kaj nodded,

“All the holidays are threatened if we don’t take action[**].”

Because of the capture of Crimson the great Winter Wizard, though the calendar said it was December you wouldn’t know it by the weather! It felt like high summertime and sweat bloomed on many a brow. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. No nip in the air! No snow on the ground! Although it certainly didn’t seem like Yule, not one gripe or even a peep of complaint was heard from squirrel, red, lavender, green, or blue faerie, frog, imp, bunny, elf, bear, chick, wolf, robin, or deer. Even the trolls, normally the grumbliest of the grumblers, immediately began hanging the fairest of faerie lights and most glittery of garlands, humming carols all the while. In their own troll-esque of ways that is, which means they were quite off key, but no one let it bother them. Who had time to be bothered? All the creatures were too busy, speed set on hyper drive! Long tables were set up, where dozens of celebrants sat stringing popcorn and deeply red berries or cutting out colored paper in various shapes of stars and circles. Others dusted glitter on the cutouts and some made paper chains. Trees were decorated with their creations, while faeries flit hither and yon hanging delicate, sparkling glass baubles and bulbs on every tree branch and bow.

In the kitchens, Fizzy took charge of the baking. For what are the holidays without cookies, candies, and cakes to dazzle and delight? The scent of the divine desserts traveled to every nook and brook, granny and cranny of The Forest. Big white canopies were put up and more grand tables were set out and piled high with a wondrous array of tempting temptations. Glittery paper stars and snowflakes were hung with ribbons up on the ceiling of the tent giving the entire space a lovely shimmering glow. Mountains of treats could now be seen by all and many found a reason (mostly a chocolate sprinkled reason) to stop by the tent. Cookies, creams, and bars, oh my!

And all the while carolers caroled, led by Glassy Croon herself. No one had ever forgotten what a sweet singing voice she possessed. Now she used her Siren’s voice for good and what is a happier sound than voices joined together harmonizing about peace and goodwill?

The great Springtime Bunny Aloysius had a theory on that and decided to put it to a test. Loy, as he is known to his good friends Fiddler and Wilbur, gathered all the young children lucky enough to live in or nearby The Forest and organized games for them to play. Their squeals and giggles could be heard throughout the Forest. Nothing sounds happier than carols, except the laughter of young children.

Of course, fear lay beneath their folly, but no one, not a one of them let the fear overcome them for that would have been playing straight into Diavex Clop’s grubby, gnarled and clawed hands. And who but a coo-coo crazy creature would give a manically mad monster what he most desired? Remember dear Reader, fear is always the most desired of commodities by the lunk-heads, lunatics, monsters, and mad men, but it always within your power to not give it to them.

Back at Diavex’s Lair…

Diavex howled in frustration. He could nearly feel the Good Cheer rising in the air around them and it bubbled and boiled his icky, poisonous, green blood. How dare they snub their noses at him in this blatant manner! It’s as if they weren’t frightened at all.

“How can that be?” He screeched.
Unable to resist, Crimson stated proudly,

“Because, you small-minded, egotistical, lunk-headed beast, the holiday must go on.”

“No, no, no!”

“Say ‘no’ all you like. It changes nothing.”
Diavex fell silent, until an evil gleam grew in his eyes.

“We’ll see about that.”

Yuletime Square…

Abruptly, all merriment ceased and a hard knot formed in every woodland creature’s stomach. Fizzy reached out grabbed Fiddler’s paw,

“What is happening?”

“Fire, Crimson,” Fiddler whispered in horror.
Vin stepped up to them, his great voice booming throughout the square,

“He’s actually trying to torch Crimson?”

“Yes,” Wilbur answered. “But not with any old fire.”

“The White Flame? But how is that possible?” Asked Fizzy.
Everyone hung on every word just now. Their entire world seemed to hang in the balance.
Vin rubbed at his pumpkin chin,

“Well, it is possible to separate the White from the Red and Gold and Green and Blue. Not easy, but possible.”

They all turned to look at the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle. It stood in their midst this entire time. No one had noticed it was missing white. It looked as beautiful as always, well, nearly so. If one looked closely, as everyone did right now, you could just about tell that the White Flame was indeed missing.

“You know, all we need to do is get this candle to wherever Diavex is holding it captive along with Crimson,” Wilbur began.

Fiddler clapped his paws together,

“Of course! That is what Crimson was trying to tell us. We will get the candle there, wherever ‘there’ is, and the White Flame will do the rest.”

“It will be naturally drawn back into the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle and away from Crimson.”

“If only we knew where ‘there’ is!” Fizzy said in frustration.

“Actually,” Vin interjected, “The Candle can lead you. You see, the flames want to be together.”

“Yes!” Fiddler turned to Wilbur. “You’ll fly us and the Candle will lead the way.”

Back at Diavex’s Lair…

Inky black smoke curled and oozed from Diavex’s fingertips. Tendrils of the sickly smoke twined around the bars of the fire cage where Crimson sat imprisoned. The White Flame and Crimson fought back pushing outwards, while Diavex’s smoke slyly coiled around each white-hot bar and pressed inward. Already the cage had begun to shrink. Worst of all, Crimson was tiring.

A Winter Wizard is simply not his best while surrounded by heat and flame.

Yuletime Square…

“What?? Me? Fly??” Wilbur sputtered.

Though his kitty-heart beat faster with nerves, he kept his voice soothing and matter-a-fact, “Yes, of course you, who else can do it?”
Fizzy and Glassy both picked up on Fiddler’s cue,
“A most excellent plan,” Glassy sang.
Fizzy clasped her paws together,

“Would you boys like a sandwich or two for the journey? Or how about some cookies?”

“Have you all lost your minds, all at once? This must be some kind of event, a Guinness Book of World Records event!” Incredulous, Wilbur seemed to pale, which is quite difficult for an owly-raven to do.

“We haven’t lost our minds, Wilbur. We need speed,” Vin said mildly.

“But you’re fast, Vin Kaj. Faster than anyone, ever,” Wilbur countered.

Fiddler laid a gentle paw on Wilbur’s shoulder,

“Yes, he is faster than anyone, except you, my friend. The longer we debate, the more we risk.”

Wilbur looked out over the sea of expectant faces. He wanted to help to help save the day. It’s what he loved to do best. And sure, he wanted to fly, didn’t he? No he didn’t! He didn’t want to fly at all. Flying entailed concentration, intense concentration. And it was lonely. He had to do it all by himself, didn’t he? Even if his pal Fiddler was with him along for the ride, he would be the one responsible. It would be up to him. And it would mean being up in the air. All the way up there! Where the air is thin and everything looked so tiny here on the ground. And he wasn’t the same up there. He felt lighter and, and untethered. Untethered. That’s without tether. Yikes. And what if his wings refused to work? It had happened before. Too long ago to even remember it what happened. Besides there wasn’t time to get into all that right now. Wilbur could actually feel the panic rising up in his throat. He wanted to scream in terror and run away. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

You may be wondering…how can a bird be afraid of his own wings? How is that possible? Stranger fears are made each and every day, dear Reader. Sometimes telling stories is the scariest thing I face and I’m a Storyteller, for Good Forest’s sake!

Everyone was waiting expectantly. He had to say something.
“But, I haven’t flown in years. Years, Fiddler! Decades, centuries.”
“I know, Wilbur. Believe me, I know. And please believe me that I would not ask this of you if it wasn’t the only way. He will never expect.”
“He’ll never expect it? I’ll never expect it! And where do you purpose we began this flight?”
Hmm…it is true, even the hardiest of birds cannot just take off with a rider on their back. They’re not helicopters, you know! A runway of sorts is necessary. Fiddler knew the perfect spot,
“The Cliff’s End, of course.”
“Why, yes. It’s all so obvious now. We’ll just jump off the cliff, not die, and we really need to remember that bit, because the rest of this “plan” hinges on the not dying part, fly to wherever Crimson and Diavex happen to be, hit Diavex over the head with the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle, save Crimson, then we’ll all come back here and eat cookies.”
Vin clapped his hands,

“Sounds good to me!”

“Okay, we’ll just go about this logically in true Wilbur fashion.” Fiddler turned to the assemblage, “Tell me everyone, what are faster: Vin Kaj’s viney pumpkin legs, or black, beating owly-raven wings?”
Wilbur grumbled,

“Well, when you put it that way.”
In unison the entire group of creatures, beasts, fairies, elves, rabbits, chipmunks, butterflies, and trolls whooped,

Still grumbling,

“Oh sure, single me out why don’t you?”
Fiddler gave a kitty paw-pump,

“Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing: singling you out. Now come on Wilbur, stop stalling and let’s fly.”
And with that the group gathered both Wilbur and Fiddler up onto their shoulders and carried them both to the Cliff’s End. Then everyone waited to see what would happen next.
Wilbur merely walked to the edge and looked down.

“It’s a long-”
Fiddler interrupted cheerfully,

“It surely is!”

“And you’re certain-”

“I couldn’t be more so.”

With a huge, grand sigh (a sound that only the Wilburs of the world can make with any real justice) he stood as straight as he could and stretched out his magnificent, great ebony wings.

“Climb aboard, I suppose.”

Not risking a moment more Fiddler lightly leapt up on Wilbur’s back. Vin Kaj grabbed the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle and handing it to Fiddler,

“Best of luck to you, lads.”

Fiddler held on tightly to the beauteous candle. It seemed to want to pull them forward and immediately pointed West.

“If we crash, I’m blaming you, you know.”
“Yes, yes, of course. Let’s go.”

I’ll admit it, they got off to a shaky start. But after dropping for a hundred feet or so (and with much gasping of the crowd standing up on the cliff above), Wilbur seemed to get back into the swing of flying.

And yes, of course they saved the day. As it turns out, the most important day of year and the crown jewel of holidays: Yule. Unfortunately, Fiddler and Wilbur didn’t get a chance to hit Diavex over the head with the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle. In the way of lunk-headed bullies, as soon as he saw them coming he ran away. I’m sure he’ll turn up again one day. But not today. Today is for celebrating with friends and family.

Whatever your celebration or even if it’s a day of non-celebration, one cannot completely dismiss the specialness of this time of the year. It’s a time for miracles and Magick, but most of all it is a time of joy and love. Regardless whether it’s cool and crisp or hot and humid, can’t you just feel it in the air?

A Very Merry Yule to you all and to you all a very kindly goodnight.

[*] If you’ve never experienced a fire cage, count yourself lucky. As implied by the name, fire cages are made of fire. Not just any fire, but white-hot fire: Flames so flaming hot that they reflect white, rather than gold, orange, red, or even blue.

[†] The Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle is made up of five great flames: Red, Gold, Green, Blue, and White. Most notably the Brightly-Burning Yuletide Candle is what lights the way for the holiday. Oh, you didn’t know that? If you think on it a minute, perhaps two, it’s quite logical. Even if you celebrate the same holiday every year, you still need to find your way to it. Suppose you lose your way?

[‡] Stealing the white flame from a candle meant for good cheer and merriment, and then using it to control a Winter Wizard? How evil is that? Evil enough to be called evil by this Storyteller.

[§] Well, they don’t have cell or email service in The Forest. The woodland creatures tend toward good old fashioned face-to-face conversation; however, there are times when the Great Holiday Making Tribe must communicate with one another quickly. And this was most certainly one of those times!

[**] The way it works is that every year Yule is celebrated. After Yule comes the New Year. And after that? Well, certainly you must know the rest of the holidays! The point is: if Yule isn’t celebrated (or “You’ll” depending on how you celebrate) it doesn’t take an expert in Time to know that the New Year cannot happen. And of course without the New Year, we cannot have any of the rest of the holidays, now can we?

Intricate Knot is proprietor of Art For A Gloomy Day.Check out her artist page to find links to her shop and blog to read more of her writings. Visit again next season for more adventures of Fiddler the cat and his best pal Wilbur.


Winter Holiday Give Away 2015

The Winter Holiday Give Away has concluded! A winner has been chosen!

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To all our friends and followers warmest regards for a bright and happy Winter season!

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Official Rules

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Contributing Halloween Artist Bazaar Artists in order of photo appearance:(check back as the list grows and photo’s of the winnings are posted!)
Twilight Faerie
Jan’s Beads
Crazed Poppet Creations
Sauvage Raven Creations
Art By Sarada

The Owls on Halloween

The Owls on Halloween-By Angelique Duncan

Owls have always been associated with Halloween. Often they are depicted as secondary characters in vintage postcards and decorations to other Halloween symbols. Owls can be seen circling overhead or in the skyline with witches, ghost and others familiar spooky icons. However, in recent times they have become more prominent and have become a popular main character in the cast of Halloween imagery.

By virtue that they are nocturnal, they carry an air of mystique. Their appearance has all the features of something mystical; large oddly blinking eyes, a head that turns in an unnatural fashion and sharp claws on their feet. Some scream and screech, some hoot and coo with voices that drift over darkness often heard, but never seen. Depending on the culture and era owls have been perceived to be scary creatures of the night or as wise messengers and protectors.

Owls are thought to be one of the oldest of the bird species and perhaps their association with wisdom comes with the inherited age of the species. The notion that owls are wise may also come from their association with Athena the Greek Goddess of wisdom. In many cultures they are seen as intelligent, observant and helpful messengers.

Owls and an association with Halloween go way back to ancient Celtic times and Samhian. Owls could be seen flying and swooping near Samhain bonfires. It is reported to have been a common scene. Given the nature of midnight celebrations and the association with the “witching hour” and the presences of the nocturnal creatures, owls became connected to witchcraft through their frequency in legends and symbols of witches.

One folklore states that if one sees an owl flying or circling low during the day they are bringing an omen or news that will affect the person who see’s them. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is a warning to prepare the person and an action of protection, although foreboding.

Some believed that an owl perched on a house or in a tree near a house is a warning that someone will die in that home or that something evil will happen there. In other folklore it is believed that an owl perched on ones roof is offering protection from evil. Many believe that to see an owl during the day is an omen and to take heed. It is said to see an owl at midnight is bad luck.

It has been thought that owls, due to their wisdom are the familiars of witches and they will carry messages for them. Other myths state that owls are themselves witches that have shape shifted to travel undetected under the cover of darkness.

Over the centuries and continents there have been numerous legends and stories of owls as deities, demons or gods, some benevolent and some of ill intent. Two popular folklores originating from Mexico and Texas is sightings of the Lechuza and of the Aswang. Often in the Autumn and near Halloween. The Lechuza became a popular image during the romanticized Victorian era. It has an unusually large owl body with a human women’s head. The Aswang is just the opposite having a human woman’s body and an owls head. Both are said to be a form of witch transformed. Both are also said suck the blood of their victims. The Aswang is thought to attack pregnant women and steal their unborn child. Rumors have also risen that both the Lechuza and the Aswang steal children out after dark. Some legends report that when one hears an owl screeching or hooting at night they are trying to lure small children out of the house to take away to the woods.

Images of owls exist in almost every culture and the stories attached to them are wide and varied. Sometimes the evil villain, some times the voice of reason, a protector or warrior or wise sage. The owl wears many hats and only they know who they really are and their intent. So when you hear the haunting hoot off in the distance be warned, the owls may be talking to you.

Illustration “Wilbur” Copyright Intricate Knot. To more of Intricate Knots art and where to buy visit her artist page Art For A Gloomy Day.

Illustration “Owlie On The Moon” Copyright Michelle Angelique Duncan. To see more of Twilight Faerie’s art and where to buy visit her artist page Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects.

Angelique Duncan is proprietor of Twilight Faerie Nostalgic and Capricious Objects. Check out her artist page to find links to her shops and vintage inspired traditional holiday art. Visit again next month for more traditions and folklore.

Featured Artist Interview August 2015: Intricate Knot

To find where Intricate Knot sells her wares visit her artist page on HAB. 

Interview with Intricate Knot of Art For A Gloomy Day and Tarryfails Corner:

At what age did you discover your love of Halloween?
My love of Halloween began several lifetimes ago, at least a few centuries. Hope there aren’t any witch hunters out there reading this!

Seriously, my love of Halloween did begin over a multitude of pagan incarnations. In this lifetime it is pure icing on the Jack O’ Lantern. From the time I was first allowed out of the house to Trick or Treat (somewhere around the age of 6), I realized that Halloween is the best thing going.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

This is a challenging question, as all my Halloweens are filled with fond memories. If we’re talking this lifetime, putting together costumes for my son’s trick or treating adventures. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we loved getting creative with my brother’s old make up kit (from his theater days). One year, my son transformed into the Terminator. Resplendent with partial robotic skull exposed (alá scar putty, oozey fake blood, and humble tin foil), and the ever-important black leather motor cycle jacket. Schwarzenegger eat your heart out.

Recently, I would have to say the first year after I joined HAB and participated in the Trick or Treat Giveaway. It was a first in many ways, not the least of which it was the first time I’d ever participated in a giveaway. It gave me such a wonderful feeling seeing a photo of my offering lined up next to such amazing pieces done by the other artists in the group. I felt like, phew! It’s been a long time coming folks, but I finally found my tribe.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

If time and energy allows, Halloween celebrations begin with some kitchen magick: making candy apples, apple pies, cinnamon potpourri, simmering, savory stews…and the list goes on! My husband and I decorate our sizable patio and our house. Stringing up candy corn lights, red skulls, and glowing purple LEDs…oh my!

Halloween is the great no-pressure holiday. It’s more than that, though. There is the entire season of autumn…the snap in the air, the energy that all builds to the day itself. The images, art work (especially the creations of our group!), sheer fun (and horror), not to mention the most excellent treats and tricks of Halloween is a spirit that I carry within all throughout the year.

When did you start creating in your medium and what training have you had?

Well it all started with a doodle of something that looked like a cross between a gloomy gene and a disgruntled meatball. (Hopefully) I have improved from there. I’ve had no training what-so-ever or at least not in any formal capacity.

When I was a kid I wrote stories and doodled pretty much 24/7 and by the time I reached the age of 16, I’d decided that this was what I was meant to do with my life. Then [insert dramatic music here], I allowed one teacher’s opinion of my work dissuade me from this course. Years went by. Then one day, I had the proverbial epiphany (more like a swift kick to the head) and now I just don’t look back. I still doubt my work…I think all artists and artisans do. Just part of the package! But the difference is now I keep going, despite the doubts.

What was the inspiration to create what you create and when did you know you wanted to create Halloween?

I’ve always loved all of the symbology of Halloween: witches, black cats, Jack O’Lanterns, scarecrows, ghosts, goblins, things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, ravens, owls, haunted trees, and on goes the list! Artists are inspired by what draws them in and Halloween draws me in. It’s simply a magical time and the only time of the year when it’s not only okay, but you’re actually encouraged to come out of the proverbial closet and be a witch, which is freeing. That’s what inspires me.