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…Greeting cards for the rest of us.

Yep, we’re weird…and so are you, my friend. Embrace your weirdness and move on. Deep down, you don’t care what those Happy Little Cogs think anyway.

Do rainy days bring that ghost of a smile to your face? Even if going to the cemetery at midnight isn’t your first thought, would you be up for it if one of your friends suggested it? Your favorite color is black and has been since you were 5. Most importantly, if you wake up to the Zombie Apocalypse tomorrow morning, you’ll only mutter, “told you so” and go back to bed. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Look, we can’t all be Happy Little Cogs in the Wheel of Greater Good. The truth is some of us are gloomy. We walk our crooked miles, not with a smile, but with a scowl…or at the very least, no expression at all. No sense in giving ourselves away.

Welcome to Cards for a Gloomy Day, greeting cards for the rest of us. For more Gloomy fun, please check out our website http://www.intricateknot.com/#!cards-for-a-gloomy-day.

But aren’t greeting cards obsolete? We don’t think so. Don’t you like to get something in the mail other than junk, bills, and subpoenas? And aren’t you just a smidge curious? Yeah, yeah, you’re not the type to gush. We get it and created these cards with you in mind. But before you think we’ve gone all soft, forget it. We’re cursed (and blessed) with the Gloomy Gene, too.