Everlastings and Offerings

Everlastings and Offerings -By Debbi Decker All Saints Day can be a very busy day in New Orleans’ cemeteries. Peering through the gates, you might see a few families busy among the tombs, polishing marble and brass, and pulling the … Continue reading


YES, VIRGINIA, THERE BE VAMPIRES HERE -By Debbi Decker Born in October of 1925, amidst the rubble and wreckage in a collapsed railway tunnel, he rose up and stumbled out of the smoke, a wraith-like silhouette against the fire lit … Continue reading

The Watchers in the Woods

The Watchers in the Woods -By Debbi Decker It was not always like this. She has traveled through many woods in many countries. They always held a sense of magic for her, a sacred place to wander and to worship. … Continue reading


DANSE CALINDA! -By Debbi Decker It was June 23, 1860, St. John’s Eve, and midsummer was upon them. They could hear the drums in the distance. A secret conversation, a statement and response, the meaning of which was known only … Continue reading

Hazmat Suit Not Required

Hazmat Suit Not Required -By Debbi Decker It all started out innocently. While writing last month’s article about creating a moon garden, I ran across references to this or that plant being poisonous. I read fascinating articles referencing some very … Continue reading

The Wearing of the Green

The Wearing of the Green (or Irish/Celtic Symbolism Found Among the Green Cemetery Lawns) -By Debbi Decker Lately, I have been continuing my research on one of my favorite subjects, iconography in cemeteries. And with St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, … Continue reading