Horror Movies!

Horror Movies! -By Katrina Sosnowski

Happy September everyone! Halloween is getting closer and I know we are all excited. I thought I would talk about one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season this time, Horror movies! I love horror movies, and have watched tons over the years so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. This could be a long list so I will stop at 10. I wanted to put a range of movies on this list so I have monsters, mad scientist, and the boogieman. I would love to know what movies you all like so please
comment and add your own titles to the list, straight horror, horror comedies, even some Sci Fi what ever you like to watch this time of year maybe we can all find something new to watch. Here is my list in no particular order enjoy!

1. Halloween- The original John Carpenter version. Fun fact the mask in the movie is a William Shatner mask painted white.
2. The Mist- This is my favorite Stephen King movie it’s just a monster lovers dream!
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. -This has it all, Horror, sci fi, romance, a mad scientist and his creation, aliens and one hell of a s soundtrack! Just thinking about Tim Curry makes me shiver with anticipation!
4. The Thing – John Carpenter does it again. The creatures in this one are amazing to watch!
5. All the Universal Monsters movies – Where would we be with out the original Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolf man.
6. Pacific Rim- Giant robots fighting giant monsters, what else do you need?
7. Bubba Ho-Tep – Elvis and JFK fighting a Mummy in a rest home. You had me at Bruce Campbell is Elvis.
8. Cabin in the Woods- If you can name a monster its in this movie, oh ya and Thor.
9. Repo The Genetic Opera- I love everything about this one! I could go on for days, Name another movie where Paris Hilton’s face falls off.
10. In the Mouth of Madness – One last John Carpenter movie, imagine if Stephen Kings books came to life and changed reality. Don’t miss this one!

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