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I’m a confirmed introvert. It takes me longer to process things than the other two-thirds of human population who are extroverts. I need time to myself to think deeply and consider the world around me and my own self.

No wonder that since I was a small child, art of all types has been my refuge, delight, and expression of my publicly reserved self. Lively handmade art with a sense of whimsy stimulates and inspires me, and creating such objects is an essential element of my life.

The natural beauty of Vermont, where I live, is downright spiritual to me. I try to respect nature by re-purposing ordinary, thrifted, and found objects into my art; besides, I find a patina of use and age is much more attractive to me than new.

I like to jump from one art technique, form or style to another, and so I enjoy making small, detailed art shrines (and assemblage jewelry) which allow me a wide range of expression. Much of my inspiration comes from the usually one-of-a-kind materials I source.

I embrace many world traditions of spirituality – whether eastern or western religions or folkways – all are one to me.

Hopefully you will find a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with you in some way and brings you a bit of light.