Featured Artist Interview March 2016: Gothbunny

To find where Gothbunny sells her wares visit her artist page on HAB. 

Interview with Katrina of Gothbunny Handmade Jewelry and Gifts:

At what age did you discover your love of Halloween?

I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember but I think I really started to like Halloween and all the fun scary things that go with it when I was a 13 and 14.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

I think one of my fondest Halloween memories is going trick or treating with my cousins and friends when I was little. In the summer my mom and I would start on figuring out my costume and go to the fabric store to get supplies to make it. My mom always made my costumes, they did not have the costume shops like they do now and I think it was better that way. I will take a homemade costume over one from a shop any day.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Now I celebrate Halloween with my husband, we go to haunted houses and have fun. We just moved to a new house and we have kids in the neighborhood so we will get to hand out candy for the first time this year.

When did you start creating in your medium and what training have you had?

I have worked with clay and beads on and off over the years. I love a good how to book and I have found lots of good information on the web. The best training you can get is just picking up your medium and play with it to figure out what you can do with it.

What was the inspiration to create what you create and when did you know you wanted to create Halloween?

I started creating Halloween jewelry because its something I like to wear. I wanted to create Halloween inspired designs from the first time I started working with clay.