2018 Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Art Event.


  Time for Easter Hares & Springtime Scares!

What happens when Halloween artist create Springtime art? An eclectic and unique mix of Easter art mashed up with Halloween. Presented is a collection of Springtime art for the 2018 Easter Hares & Springtime Scares art event. Search for HAB Easter items here! Each item for sale in the Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Art Event is featured in order of appearance in the photo gallery with a link to where to buy the item.

For HAB Halloween art on Etsy, visit HAB artist websites and find handmade Halloween, holiday art and curiosities year round through the HAB shopping catalog!

Featured Easter Hares & Springtime Scares Artist:
Sauvage Raven Creations on Ety
Sauvage Raven Creations on Etsy
Gothbunny on Etsy
Mr.Bonys Nurse on Etsy
Jynxx Designs on Etsy
Creepycute Doll Works on Etsy
Chaos In Color
Nancy Michalak on Etsy
A Paper Witch on Etsy
The Twisted Pumpkin on Etsy
The Felted Fey on Etsy
Twilight Faerie on Etsy