ON ETSY: WickedAlterations

ON ZIBBET: WickedAlterations

“Something wicked this way comes”

My first love is my prisma colored pencils and the drawings I have created with them. I guess they are like my children, they are all grown up and its time for them to leave the nest. Not really, I have sold a few of the prints, but the originals are still hanging on my wall. I do love them. I originally opened my shop to sell these prints, but my other little creations started rattling their chains…
The collages came about unconsciously, I think. For some time, I’ve collected little bits of this and a little bits of that, charms, vintage photos, vintage postcards, and scrapbook paper. And between my fascination and love affair with skulls and the macabre, well my little wicked collages started to come alive. Small and creepy, wicked microcosm; little worlds.