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Tocsin Designs is a one woman cabinet of handmade oddities and curiosities.

I was born in 1976, the same year as punk music:) and I have been creating diy clothes and accessories for more than 2 decades. My creations are mostly inspired by two of my enduring passions – music and cinema. I am completely addicted to classic horror cinema, 50’s/60’s B horror movies and music ( punk 77, 80’s goth, post-punk, psychobilly…). Most of my shop is somewhat horror themed. Expect lots of bones, skulls, fangs and zombie items, but I don’t take myself too seriously and it’s all done with lots of irony. I’m vegetarian and all my creations are animal friendly, I never use real leather.

Everything in Tocsin shop is handmade solely by me so the items are made in very limited numbers. Many of my accessories will be one of kind and unique only to you.
Also, I come from small European country Croatia so there won’t be anyone else with the same Tocsin accessory in your city, your country or even continent.

I will try to keep the prices for my handmades as affordable as possible. I also have FREE Shipping worldwide for my shop all year round!

Just in case you wonder why the name ‘’Tocsin’’- it’s the album title from one of my favorite artists X-Mal Deutschland