Mr.Bony's Nurse

ON ETSY: Mr.Bony’s Nurse

Mr. Bony has been away in a very dark place for a few years & has come back into the general population here at Ocean View picking up exactly where he left off. That is to say that he has completely taken over the craft room where he has started throwing paste, paper & paint all over the place making his little creepy candy containers. They are all made of various materials including paper mache, paper clay, spray foam, cardboard & a number of found (and stolen) objects from around Ocean View. They all have “springy thingy” necks so they bob & wobble when they’re touched or moved about. Most are candy containers but some are what he calls “movers & shakers” & that’s just what they do. They are built on wind-up or battery operated systems from old toys that he most likely “liberated” from the children’s ward. He rips the toy apart & builds his creepies on the motor so they move & shake about. He sculpts all of his frightful things by hand using no molds so they are all one of a kind, hand painted pieces of fun functional Halloween folk art.
I am nurse Linda & I have been taking care of Mr. Bony for quite some time here at Ocean View. I must tell you that I love Mr. Bony & I’m sure when you get your first Mr. Bony candy container, you will also love him. That is all you will think about…getting more Mr. Bony…You will need more Mr. Bony…You will want more Mr. Bony…So go on …get your first one & let the good times roll!
Sweet dreams….mmmmooommooohahhahhahhahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaa