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I am a Colorado native that has interests in many different religious philosophies, herbal arts, and the power of essential oils. I take inspiration from the very talented pool of artists and practictioners in the Denver area, and am very happy to be able to share my love of antiques and unique collectibles on my Etsy shop. I also believe that my items should be reasonably priced for the average consumer – rare items, or those with genuine silver or gems may be priced higher, but I also do a lot of market research to price these items as reasonably as possible.

The herbal products I present are all researched, tested, and produced by myself in small batches, and since many of them have extensive curing time and are made during specific moon cycles, the alchemy list I offer grows a little every month.

I am happy to make custom items, spells, and magical oils and mixes, and would love to hear about what you are looking for!