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I felt inspired with magic from my childhood. That`s not a joke – even when there were no Harry Potter books, no beautiful fantasy films, I played in wizard laboratory and created my own “spells”. (I was born in Soviet Russia, so you can imagine how strange it was =)) When I grew up, I became a professional designer in Moscow Architectural Univercity – and an occult researcher and solitary practitioners of Wicca by my own. I always was fond of material world and I united it with my sence of wonder in creating beautiful bottles and so on with a touch of magic incide. I think that there are things in real life that make us to feel magically – and they are priceless. They are in Nature – they are in our fantasy – they are in the world of material things, for example, in the world of old apothecary shelves, that I enjoy.
In Russia I have a little apothecary shop trading with ALL bottles you can imagine, magic and not. Here I present hanmade magic sets and boxes and labels and magic perfumes that will help you to create your own magic corner in the common life.

Hope you`ll enjoy visiting my Etsy shop – thank you!