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Whether by blessing or curse, I have lived several lifetimes, and seen things most would believe the fanciful delusions of a madman. A chance encounter during a torturous period in American history led to my introduction to a world of wonder and mystery…and no small amount of danger.
Known to inhabitants as The Old World, or, more commonly, The Autumnlands, this vast realm is the source of all our imagery of Halloween, from the whimsical to the nightmarish. During my travels there I recorded as much as humanly possible of what I experienced, in pen, brush and charcoal, from history to local legend…and sights that at times challenged both my courage and my sanity. I present them here for your edification, to provide a window into a world normally forbidden to humans.
Enjoy your visit, and return often. I have much to share.

–Grayson Fogg