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This is the place for goblins and bats,
Halloween spirits, ghosts and cats,
Weird decorations and artwork too,
These are the things we make for you.

We are the perfect husband and wife team, soul mates, best friends, lovers. We love to create together, we are one. For us, our family and art go hand in hand, so we embrace both with all that we have. We feel infinite love, adoration, respect, inspiration and admiration for each other. True love.This causes a constant flow of creativity between us. We create art together during the night when the world sleeps and dreams… We started an amazing artistic freak family together and made our way to an undisclosed location in a tropical jungle. We spend our lives creating art and watching the stars for UFO’s. When we’re not doing that you might find us making awesome culinary delights for the natives, hiking through treacherous jungles, cuddling in the treetops and planning for next Halloween. We love to draw. We are tattoo artists. We paint, on canvas, ACEO cards, boxes and wood. We sculpt, using polymer clays, air dry clay, paper clay and paper mache. We hand sew art dolls and we create assemblage with just about anything we can get our hands on. Art is in every facet of our lives. We hope to spread our love for Halloween, Day of the Dead, fantastical creatures, the paranormal and all manner of spooky-cute things to our ever expanding audience. Thank you for your interest and your patronage.