Twinkleberry Cottage

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As you meander down a winding path, you find yourself in the most lovely forest, with sunlight peeking in between the bright green leaves above. You wander farther down the way, and up ahead you see a clearing, filled with a rainbow of flowers and butterflies, two frolicking kittens, a sparkling stream, and jingling windchimes all around a tiny dwelling. You’ve heard whisper of this…. “Follow the path to Whimsy Hollow, and, if you are very lucky, you come upon a magical place, where fairies play, dreams come true, and a quirky but welcoming artisan lives and loves to create trinkets and treasures!”
You see a woman in the doorway, and she smiles warmly and says,
“Welcome to Twinkleberry Cottage!”
Come on in, sit a spell, and browse the Treasures & Trinkets, Lotions & Potions, Sundries & Oddments! You never know what whimsical wonders you may find, but you can always be sure it was handmade with love & care by me (or Eerie Edgar, when he stops by with his spooky but usually cute items!)
Hidden behind Twinkleberry Cottage, you can find a Fairy Ring of cute little mushrooms. Step inside and enter the Fragrant Realm of Fairyland!
Faerieland Fragrances – Enchanted Essences With A Hint Of Faerie Magic!
Pamper your body and scent yourself with decadent items made as naturally as possible, without nasties like parabens. Lotions, Creams, Body Sprays, Perfume & More!