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Many, many grueling hours I’ve spent in lectures to better understand of the basic principles of alchemy. Followed by years applying the principles to brewing my potions. After working in an apprenticeship under a master alchemist, I am finally able to share my abilities with the muggles of the mundane world.

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Kuerwynn’s Potion Shoppe!

Kuerwynn’s potions and elixirs are intended for fun, fashion, and decorative use. Caution and care must be taken with all products around children and basically everyone, as potions and elixirs are small and can be a choking hazard. Do not ingest potions. Potions and elixirs are created using water, dyes, oils, shimmer, glitter, vegetation, resin, glue, paper, and polymer. All potions and elixirs are bottled in a glass vial. Please respect the glass for safety and longevity. With the natural cork, evaporation of the potion can occur over time.