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Greetings and welcome to my Happy Dark Corner of the World! I am Angela Ryer, owner of A Ryer Studio. I specialize in creating my own line of Halloween Themed X-Mas Ornaments. I am also a Photographer and I find myself painting my own images on Canvas. I am very much self taught in what I do. Some people create just one particular thing, but not me! There are so many cool things out there in this world to try out, so why pigeon hole yourself to just one thing I ask you??

Why Halloween Ornaments?? Because Halloween has always been one of my most favorite times of the year! I always look to find Halloween Ornaments in stores, but was always disappointed by what I found. I’m more of a Horror Traditionalist. I have loved classic horror my entire life and I set about creating the ornaments *I* wanted!

Why Cemetery Paintings?? Because I love old historic cemeteries where history, art, natural beauty and love literally stand the test of time!
I want to capture that natural beauty and love in my artwork!

I hope you will find something that makes you happy and feeds your love of the dark here in my store!